June 23, 2017

CakeMail Support

CakeMail Support +1-844-388-5295

Cake Mail is a web-based email marketing software providing company. Company also creates automated processes that identify, target and delete spammers from their databases while notifying other core data providers. Cake Mail is great in a number of ways. It has an excellent interface, robust reporting and good support. Cake Mail is a simple web-based email marketing application that allows companies to easily create, send and track email campaigns. For more details users can contact Cake mail support.

CakeMail Technical Support

Cake Mail is a corporate supporter of small businesses. Cake Mail will be offering its simple email marketing service free for one month to companies with unlimited email contacts. Cake mail offers technical support in all fields of issues related to it. Cake mail tells ways to be more personal with your communications, most effective ways to engage in conversation, ideas about graphics and beginning emails with your conclusion any many others things. For more details or info user can contact Cake mail technical support anytime.

CakeMail Password Recovery

Sometimes users face problems when they forgot password and find themselves unable to get login to the account. In case a user forget password, he/she doesn’t need to be panic. Just contact to cake mail password recovery helpline and get the issue resolved.

CakeMail Customer Service

Cake Mail’s customer service helps customers in every aspect. Some of the special features are listed below-

  • List their opened client accounts
  • View their client’s monthly email volume
  • Manage their client’s sending limits
  • See their billing history with Cake Mail

Users can contact to the cake mail customer helpline anytime as the help lines and the experts are available 24*7.