June 23, 2017

Emma Support

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Emma Support

Emma is an attractive, easy-to-use platform that offers support for large-scale enterprise software and an above-average user experience and a nice selection of campaign templates. Emma’s functionality is different than other email platforms so it can take a little advantage while to get use to and know how to set it up. Contact to customer service at Emma if you have any questions as Emma Support are super helpful and available 24*7.

Emma Tech Support Number

The technical support at Emma is available through:

Email: You’ll be given an email contact when you sign up for Emma.

Phone: You’ll also be given a phone number to your Emma representative.

Facebook: Emma updates its Facebook page a few times a week with links marketing articles and resources.

Twitter: The Twitter feed is updated a bit more often and features similar content

Emma Customer Service

Emma proves to be more helpful in getting your account set-up in short order. The sign-up process will force you to interact with customer service. Users can contact anytime to Emma customer service to get their issues, solve regarding sign-up process or any other problem. The Emma customer service helpline is always available.

Emma Password Recovery

To change the login details for your account, follow the following steps: 

  • Click the tools icon at the top-right of your account
  • Select Settings & billing.
  • Click the Account basics tab, and click Edit.
  • Type in your desired username and password, and save your settings. Your password reset is successful now.

Or, if you aren’t logged into your account and have forgotten your password, go to the login page and click the Emma Password Recovery.