June 22, 2017

FastMail Support

FastMail Support

FastMail is an email service offering for individuals and organizations. FastMail private Ltd, the company is located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The company provides its service in 36 languages to the customers worldwide. In 2010 the company was acquired by Opera Software. Fastmail’s web interface is very faster and more responsive and fastmail doesn’t do crap like scanning emails for advertisement. The main line of the providers is email services and included accessories. For any help or information users can call on fastmail support anytime Fastmail Support.

FastMail Technical Support

At FastMail, we have our experienced and knowledgeable customer support team. We aim to help customers as much as possible with their issues. We provide help through email, chat process. When any user face problems then they can go to our FastMail Customer Support and can contact us for quick resolution of services.

FastMail Password Recovery

If anybody forgets the password for their Fastmail email, then he can follow the steps given down to recover password easily-

  1. To help protect your account, before you lose access to it, we recommend to set a backup email address on your account.
  2. After setting up a backup email address, you can receive link to recover your FastMail account,
  3. Now go to the Password & Security options.
  4. And now type your password and add your alternate email address to your settings.