July 17, 2017

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Pogo Customer Service for Pogo concerns

Pogo Games, also known as Pogo.com, is owned by Electronic Arts and it offers wide range of casual games. Major categories include Puzzle Games, Board Games, Card Games, Word Games, Casino Games, Sports Games, Arcade Games, Coin Casino, etc. The website is free due to advertising sponsorship. Players can opt for subscription based model, Club Pogo, that offers some premium benefits and removal of advertisements that hamper Gamer’s experience. Pogo games are browser based and needs Java Plugin or Flash to work properly. Website gives you option to choose among the platforms and corresponding download options are available. Pogo games are liked and played by all age groups and they may face issues in dealing with Pogo. For all the tech related concerns you can check our Pogo technical support article section and for all Pogo customer service queries, where you are looking to get Pogo support from a Pogo customer service representative even for Pogo payments, Pogo subscriptions, Pogo complaints, club Pogo phone number, etc. then you can contact Pogo by phone via Pogo support phone number, Pogo phone number or club Pogo customer service phone number. We are not directly associated with Pogo directly but our Pogo customer service team is experienced enough to help you with all Pogo customer service concerns via Pogo.com phone number.

Pogo Games – Evolution and History

The T.E. Network, which later on became Pogo.com, was created in 1995. The original vision was to become a better version of CompuServe – a dial-up service for the young crowd. TEN failed to engage a suitable customer base and started looking for new business model. With the rise in Internet advertising, the company decided to focus on online browser-based games that would engage a broad audience and could attract adequate amount of new users to support an advertising based revenue generation model. Client platform got changed from a conventional Windows executable to the latest browser based java applet. Actual Pogo.com brand was launched in September 1999, and the company retitled itself to Pogo.com, more information is available on Pogo.com phone number. Pogo raised rapidly, eventually overtaking its competition and became a popular gaming site on the Internet. In March 2001, Electronic Arts (EA) bought Pogo.com. In 2003, Pogo.com introduced Club Pogo as its premium subscription-based service and can be subscribed by calling club Pogo customer service phone number. Benefits to subscribers included exclusive members-only rooms, no ads, graphic emoticons, private chat, double jackpot spins, and bunch of exclusive games. Exclusive Club Pogo games included Jungle Gin, Canasta, Jigsaw Detective, Lottso, Mahjong Garden, Texas Hold’em Poker, and Word Search Daily, etc. Club Pogo members were able to earn Badges by completing challenges in various games. There were several types of badges, including weekly badges, personal challenges and Premium badges, more information is available on club Pogo customer service phone number. In September 2007, Pogo launched Club Pogo UK but closed down on the 21st of May 2013, almost after 6 years. The Pogo Games Facebook application, first release, was launched in March 2010 and application featured 20+ Pogo games that can be played within Facebook and included features such as challenges, leaderboards and achievements .In December 2010, Pogo launched the Pogo Games application for iPhone and iPod touch. The app ranked number one in free games category, immediately after its release. In February 2011, Pogo.com switched to a new prize format. Individual were able to earn cash amount or prize items such as video games, coffee mugs, etc. World Class Solitaire was added in May 2011 and a new user interface was given to all the games. An html 5 version of the Pogo Game Poppit! was released on the Chrome web store. This version of Poppit! was included with each new Chrome installation. Pogo Games App has been released for Android devices with some differences. Pogo support team, available on Pogo phone number and Pogo customer service number, is well aware of all these facts and also the challenges that users face on day to day basis and is competitive enough to provide you support for Pogo customer service. Actually, there is no toll free Pogo contact number or Pogo customer service number and that is why it turns out to be impossible to contact Pogo by phone and the players who search for Pogo help phone number feel irritated as there is no phone number for Pogo. So all these problems are taken care mostly by companies like us via their Pogo support number.

List of games supported by Pogo Customer Service

Pogo Games are divided in 3 categories on Pogo.com, Free Games, Club Pogo Games and Downloadable Games. There are 90+ Free Games available on Pogo.com. Club Pogo Games are available for members only with 1 week trial option and there are 80+ such games. Downloadable Games has a small list of 14 games and are popular among PC users. All these games can be accessed in Pogo All Games section. Pogo Support have expertise on all these games and you can call Pogo Support phone number provided to get all your Pogo customer service queries answered. Our Pogo Support articles will cover all such queries and Pogo customers may fix their technical issues with Pogo games and corresponding computer problems themselves. If you still want to talk to a Pogo support expert and want to contact Pogo by phone then dial customer service or looking for Pogo customer service phone number, Pogo support phone number, Pogo phone number or club Pogo phone number, then you can dial our Pogo customer service phone number 1-844-612-4960 and we will help you in getting the resolution to your problem. Our Pogo support team will be more than happy to help you. Though we are independent service providers for Pogo customer service, but our Pogo support team majorly consist of Pogo players who are playing Pogo games from more than a decade and are contributors to Pogo support articles available on this website. They have experienced all such kinds of Pogo customer service issues themselves and will definitely be able to help you out with your problems. There is no direct Pogo contact number and that’s why it becomes impossible to contact Pogo by phone and the people who search for Pogo help phone number, feel frustrated as there is no phone number for Pogo. So all these concerns are resolved mostly by third parties technical experts like us via their Pogo support number.