June 22, 2017

Rackspace Support

Grow Business Fast With Rackspace Support

Rackspace is an IT hosting company based in San Antonio, Texas, USA. Rackspace Email is popular Email hosting service providers that give you the power to securely manage email from any web browser or any device. Rackspace Webmail is powerful enough to be your everyday — every email — messaging application. Moreover, with robust email capabilities, it also features apps and tools to help business collaborate and communicate more effectively. With Rackspace Email you can enjoy access on iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, or even BlackBerry phones and tablets. For more information about Rackspace service user can contact the Rackspace Customer support helpline anytime and from anywhere.

Rackspace Email Service

Rackspace email service is full of various features that are not present in other email providers. Some of the services of Rackspace emails are given below-

  • 50 MB attachments
  • Huge 25 GB mailboxes
  • Email forwarding
  • Easily recover deleted email
  • Domain Aliases

Rackspace Customer Service

Rackspace customer service is always available for the users to listen their problems and provide instant solution. The user can contact anytime on the helpline number. Following are the services provided by Rackspace-

  • 24X7X365 Support
  • We’ll never share or read your email
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • Free and easy migrations